Yamaha YU10 Upright Piano

Yamaha YU10 Upright Piano


One of the most popular Yamaha professional quality upright pianos, Yamaha U1 pianos can be found in schools, teachers’ studios and examination centres. Price includes local delivery (up to 4 steps), tuning, height adjustable piano stool, 10 year warranty.


Yamaha YU10 is the luxury edition of the YU1 Upright Piano.

This YU10 was made in 2002 in Japan.  It is in brand-new condition inside and outside.  It has had very little usage and plays like a new piano. It has slowdown fallboard.

A new YUS1 retails for nearly $18,000. This YU10 is on sale for much below the retail price including piano stool, tuning, delivery and 10-year warranty.

Specifications of Yamaha YU10:
Make:  Yamaha, Hamamatsu, Japan
Height:  121 cm
Width:  152 cm
Depth:  61 cm
Weight:  234 kg
Finish:  Polished ebony

All our pianos come with free standard delivery (up to 4 steps) to metro areas, one free tuning (within 6 months), matching piano bench, accessories and 10-year comprehensive warranty. Interstate delivery can be easily arranged.

If this Yamaha YU1 Upright piano is not what you’re looking for, check out our other upright pianos in stock!

Additional information

Weight 235 kg
Dimensions 61 × 152 × 121 cm


Year Made



Polished ebony