Frequently Asked Questions

Some piano questions

asked by our customers

  1. Does the piano come with warranty?
    Yes, all our pianos come with 10-year comprehensive warranty.
  2. Do you provide delivery?
    Our price includes standard delivery which is up to 40kms from the store and no more than 4 steps. We also provide long distance and interstate deliveries.
  3. What is the difference between U1 and U3?
    U1 is 121cm in height. U3 is 131cm in height. Because U3 is 10cm higher than U1, U3 has longer strings and bigger soundboard, and therefore produces richer sound. However, when deciding whether to buy a U1 or U3, you also need to consider the room size and acoustic.
  4. Are all Yamaha made in Japan?
    No, not all Yamaha pianos are made in Japan. There are factories in Indonesia and China. We only deal with Yamaha pianos that are fully made in Japan.
  5. How often should I tune the piano?
    We recommend that your piano be turned and serviced every 12 months. Regular service by a qualified piano technician will ensure the continuing pleasure that comes only from a properly tuned and regulated piano. Tuning is a highly technical operation and should be performed by fully qualified piano technician. Even when the piano is played very little, it should be tuned regularly.
  6. How do I look after my piano?
    Avoid exposing the piano to direct sunlight. Do not place the piano near air-conditioning and heating devices. Do not expose the piano to extreme changes of temperature.
    The most ideal environment for the piano is a relative humidity between 45% to 70% and temperature between 20˚C and 23˚C.
    Keep the top lid closed when the piano is not used.