Fazioli M Liminal Grand Piano

Fazioli M Liminal Grand Piano

Fazioli M Liminal Grand Piano – the perfect symbiosis of music and design


The Fazioli M. Liminal Grand Piano is an Artcase piano designed by NYT Line and Philippe Gendre.  Just as consonance and dissonance are organised in music, M. Liminal’s shapes and colours are combined in asymmetric designs, simultaneously generating a composite and organic unit, as in nature. Inspired by music and the sea, the shape of the side evokes the profile of a wave while the silver evokes the blinding mirror of the water illuminated by the sun. The red of the soundboard and black of the cast iron frame filter through the transparency of the Plexiglas music stand, revealing additional beauty and strengthening the feel of movement.

Less than ten Fazioli M. Liminal Grand Pianos have ever been produced by Fazioli, this Fazioli M Liminal Grand Piano is the only one in Australia. Made by special order in 2007, this M. Liminal has been treasured as an art piece. It has hardly been played and is in pristine condition. The touch is incredibly smooth. The sound is truly awe-inspiring!

This unique Fazioli M. Liminal Grand Piano is now available for sale. Contact us for the best price and become a proud owner of this remarkable instrument!

Make: Fazioli, Italy
Length: 263 cm
Width: 174.5cm
Height: 100.5cm
Weight: approx. 500kgs


Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 263 × 174.5 × 100.5 cm


Year Made



Black, silver, red