Estonia Grand Piano L168

Estonia Grand Piano L168

Estonia L168 Grand Piano is handmade performance level grand piano and is perfect for living room, music room and teaching studio.


The Estonia grand piano L168 is individually handcrafted in the enchanted city of Tallinn in Estonia. Only the highest-grade materials and best designs are utilised to ensure the finest quality standards are met. Some notable features are:

  • Rim: Thick Baltic wood, multiple layers to support the unique Estonia sound. For polished ebony models, the inner rim is laminated with exquisite silver birch.
  • Plate: Highest quality European, sand cast iron plates with a mirror-like finish.
  • Soundboard: Highest quality solid European spruce from the Swiss or Italian Alps. All clear grades and specially selected.
  • Action: Premium Renner Action from Germany.
  • Hammers: The highest quality “Renner Blue” hammers from Renner, Germany, which offer the best wool, longevity, and voicing potential.
  • Keyboard: Made in Germany by Kluge.

Additionally, meticulous attention to detail is paid to crafting each Estonia grand piano to meet the Laul Family’s strict requirements in sound and touch. The final result is a beautiful work of art with the most responsive and smooth touch and a full, warm, and singing tone.

Because it is compact in size, the Estonia L16 is also called the baby grand piano. It produces a bigger sound and power than a much larger piano. It is widely considered to be the best performance piano under 6ft (or 180cm). At the current price point, it is also the best-value handmade Estonia grand piano on the piano market.

Try the Estonia grand piano L168 at our showroom and be impressed!

Make:  Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia
Length:  168 cm
Width:  152 cm
Weight:  348 kg
Finish:  Polished ebony

All our pianos come with free standard delivery (up to 4 steps) to the metro area, one free tuning (within 6 months), a matching piano bench, accessories, and 10-year comprehensive warranty. Interstate delivery can be easily arranged.

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Additional information

Weight 348 kg
Dimensions 168 × 152 × 101.5 cm


Year Made



Polished ebony