Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons V

Steinway & Sons V, 2015 In stock

125cm H, polished ebony

Steinway & Sons uprights are handcrafted in the same factory as their grand pianos, using the same techniques, conditioning processes, and craftsmen. This Steinway Model V was purchased new in 2015 and has hardly been played and is still in brand-new condition. Exceptional tonal quality and responsive touch, it will impress the most discerning piano buyer.

Steinway & Sons Model B, Hamburg Steinway & Sons Model B, Hamburg

Steinway & Sons Model B, Hamburg, 1982 Sold

211cm L, polished ebony


The Steinway Model B is often referred to as "the perfect grand piano". This Model B is a testament to the statement with a wide range of tones and the magic Steinway sound. It is in as-new condition with perfect ivory keyboard.