Yamaha C3XA Grand Piano

Yamaha C3XA Grand Piano


The Yamaha Conservatory Collection has long been the heart of the Yamaha grand piano line, offering advanced sound, an extensive dynamic range and fine expressive control.

On the back of the ever popular C3 model, Yamaha produced the special edition C3XA to enhance the design of the soundboard, the ribs, and the braces which are the most important components to the quality of a piano’s sound. A new type of strings was also used for this special edition. These design changes resulted in beautiful warmth across all areas of the keyboard and a round, full depth of tone in the bass.

The music holder has been redesigned for the pianist who appreciates the joy of playing just as much as the piano’s exquisite tone, with a shape that embodies the rich sound and exquisite tone of the C3XA.


Make:  Yamaha, Hamamatsu, Japan
Lenght:  186 cm
Width:  149 cm
Height:  101 cm
Weight:  320 kg
Finish:  Polished ebony

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Additional information

Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 186 × 149 × 101 cm


Year Made



Polished ebony