Pianos - Other Brand Names


Wertheim , 2015 Sold

125cm H, polished mahogany

On Sale $x,xxx

This piano is finished in high gloss mahogany with slow fallboard. Only two years old. One private owner. Price includes ground floor delivery, matching adjustable stool and 5-year warranty.

Elisen & Sons 116C

Elisen & Sons 116C, New In stock

116cm H, Satin Walnut

On Sale $5,950

Made in Japan by Toyo Piano. Price includes adjustable piano bench, delivery to ground floor, accessories and 10-year full warranty.

Elisen & Sons ES116

Elisen & Sons ES116, New Sold

116cm H, polished walnut


Made in Japan by Toyo Piano.

Schimmel 128

Schimmel 128, 1984 Sold

128cm H, polished ebony

Made in Germany. This piano has been one family since new and has been regularly tuned and serviced.